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Valanto came from Ammochosto (Cyprus) to try the Traditional Thai massage. She wanted so much to have a massage… It was her first massage!

From the first sight, she looked healthy, vibrant with a ballerina’s body.

After talking to her she told me that she didn’t try to have this body. She was gifted by god & nature.

She just came to me to have a relaxation Thai massage.  I could feel her anxiety. It was her first massage. The good thing with her it was that she trusted me and that was a good point to start from.

While I was taking her history, in the beginning of our session, she told me about her small problems on her neck & her back. So, I thought immediately… is not a totally relaxation massage. You see everyone has a small problems. Valanto is a young mother of a small baby, most nights the couple sleeps with the baby in the middle of the bed. She always sleeps at the edge of the bed, while she tries not to fall of it. Imagine it… this brings her, morning stiffness on her neck and back. But, if she don’t give the attention it needs in the future that’s could bring her problem with her posture &  a tense nervous system.

We started our session with a small head massage – after that she was a totally different person.

I loved to see… how much she enjoy it.  A relaxation thai massage it was the smallest thing I could give her. She works everyday till 20:00 pm. After giving her an afternoon massage – she messaged me the next day – she slept at 20:30pm and the next day she was new- no pain on her neck & back.

How much I love to work with new mothers? They give so much love to their babies – being more caring, stressful about babies health & growth. For me someone to take care of those mom’s is a gift from God – not from me.

Many thanks Valanto for joining me at my new place – here in Cyprus.


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