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Thai massage with a Jean!

Most of the people need a big motivation to do something for themselves. Michalis belongs to most of the people group. He is doing massage every 6 months. When the hunting begins and he wants to be in shape. He came to me after his 10 hours work. He is sitting all day, and he looked really tired, when he came at my place.

As he didn’t meant to have a  massage this day,  he didn’t wear  loose clothes as Thai massage suggests.

But, anyway we tried to perfom massage while he was wearing his jean. Many of the srretching techniques couldn’t be performed but I could say that this Jean could do “Everything!”

He use to say “VRE, is Perfect!”.

After our session  his eyes was full of energy and his smile was more shiny.

I thank  Michalis for giving me the chance to see that  Thai massage can be really effective, even if you wear a Jean – really tight pant.

Thanks Michalis for coming…


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