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2 months ago Olga came to me. She has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. We met while i was to my birth place, Kos island. We talked a lot about her situation and she wanted to try my Exclusive Thai massage. She suffer from an autoimmune disease and the symptoms are really painfull in the daytime. I reccomended to change her diet, by drinking a lot of juices.
So, we arranged our first appointment and i went to her house. I do remember the first day of her Thai massage. Her fear, anxiety was reflected on her face. After our session, Olga’s face was relaxed, she was shining! I asked her “how was she feeling after our session?” and she told me “I am ready to go for sleep”.
She had a real problem on her shoulder’s & back. After 2 sessions she was much better and after 6 sessions she is more sure on how she can handle the symptoms of her autoimmune disease.
Autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto, lupus, etc. have many and different symptoms… All of them have symptoms and all of them have a root. The immune system is so low, because the nervous system had collapsed.
You see is not a work of just some sessions to be healed. Is a life changing decision. Olga decided to change. Now she is walking everyday, do her massages once a week, she eats an alkaline diet and she is sure that healing is a matter of time.
The glow, the happiness, the gratitude, all those feelings start to appear after our sessions.
Olga thank you for being patience. For your wish to join a new lifestyle. Thank you for understanting that your body has a memory. A memory and the right to be healthy…
Have faith, be patient always… keep your new eating habits & when you are really ready you will be healed.
God bless Olga & all of you that you read my today Post.
With True Love😊,

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