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Traditional Thai Massage Nicosia Cyprus

Eleni… Eleni is a real fighter in this world. She was really young when she was diagnosed with cancer. Now, she is 20 years old and she is a survivor from an incurable disease. She is a happy person, she eats a vegan healthy diet, she is doing everyday exercise, she study what she loves and of course she loves to have massages and especially the Exclusive Thai massage Nicosia.

She really loves others to touch her with a feeling of care. In all sessions she is totally relaxed either it is Reflexology or Thai massage. She has tried both and I have the same feeling with her. She Loves being Pampered.

When she joined me for her first Thai massage session, it was really impressive what she felt. As I am doing her the normal head massage (which is part of my Thai massage treatments) she felt at the abdominal area – energy waves.  It was something that she couldn’t describe it. How to describe such things?

After her first Thai massage she booked for some more sessions as she felt a unique feeling of caring that she didn’t have before.

Let’s talk a little bit about her feeling at her abdominal area. It is normal anyone of us to feel such waves.  Furthermore, everyone is different maybe you will feel it to another part of the body. This energy is our bodies energy which was stucked. Stucking, stagnation can become from our negative thoughts, from old bared feelings, from bad circulation, from our lymph system, from many reasons can become – even if we thought that everything is okay with us. Eleni is really taking care of her body, she is doing a really healthy diet, her body is clear and for this reason she could feel the energy flow. Some people may need more treatments to start feeling what Eleni felt from her first session. That’s why I always recommend to my clients “Eat as healthy as you can” (have a look at – and I also suggest what is good for you to eat.

Eleni now feels rejuvenated and the old wound started to being healed.

The Flow & the Kindness of Thai massage always gives such a vibrant feeling of a “LIVE” Body!

Thanks Eleni for coming – it was a great pleasure working with you…



Traditional Thai massage Nicosia

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