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Athena was the Greek ancient goddess of wisdom, craft and war.

So, in our story now Athena came from Limassol to visit me in Nicosia. Such a beautiful woman with 2 lovely babies… She is a firefighter! So, she really represents her name.

Two small babies with a small age difference, is too much for a young woman. Don’t forget she is also a firefighter with odd working hours. Of course I should mention how helpful is her husband. Really important to have a good man next to her.  Having a real father for her children’s.

Athena loves taking care of her babies health by eating a healthy – organic foods and especially by giving them fresh homemade juices (inspired by Spartakos –  Juicing is our common interest.

I offered her a relaxation Thai massage & she used a nice phrase to describe how she felt. She told me: “I was in another dimension”. She relaxed so much and I saw her two big black eyes to be ready for sleep. You see… sometimes when you are all the time in pressure & your nervous system it is in the “prick”, you may have an effect of tiredness after your massage treatment.  This is normal, but the next day you will feel totally “NEW”!.

After our session, Athena stayed and we have a small discussion on juicing. As she was feeling really tired (when she came to me) – she also breastfeeding  two  babies – I gave her my best juicing advices that she took back to Limassol.

How wonderful? seeing that we are all one. I felt from Athena  the fresh Limassol air.

Thanks Athena for visiting me with your beautiful babies & for your cozy energy…

See you soon,


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